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♥ LOVE is the theme that millions of politically active people all over the world have adopted as an adequate response to global power struggles and humanitarian crises in dramatic escalation. Megaphones, pussy hats, mash-ups, protest chants, sit-ins and knit-ins - people are sounding out in spontaneous and ever more creative ways, casting love as a tool for political action.

The hybrid of The Icelandic Love Corporation, with over 30 years experience of performing feminist social critique, with composer Juliana Hodkinson and the musicians of Ensemble Adapter is a strong team for upping the ante within sound-based live art and also bringing instrumental music and its listeners into a charged field of involvement.

The collaboration between all these artists is based on the will to work beyond micro politics and give expression and artistic form to an energetic critique that is daily flourishing and finding new outlets. This means looking at the audience, and amplifying the modes of engagement, consent, dissent and boredom by which spectators respond to performances.

There will be tickling, shaking, blowing, fumbling, peeping and random gestures of kindness. Sparks will fly, it could get complicated/wet, and maybe your lucky number will come up.

Commission supported by Arts Council Norway. Travel supported by the Danish Composers' Society. Developed during residencies in Berlin and Reykjavik, with the support of Cycle Music and Art Festival

55 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics
with visuals
with voice