A Theatre of Sounds

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A Theatre of Sounds

The concert A THEATRE OF SOUNDS is a portrait concert of composer Juliana Hodkinson.

Several of the works in this concert were written specially for SCENATET’s members.

Using toys, feathers, leaves, glass, porcelain and all manner of objects alongside their classical instruments, Juliana Hodkinson’s chamber works encourage the musicians to pursue a theatre of sounds, bringing together heterogeneous elements in moments of alternating contrast and fusion.

The concert’s first half includes mainly acoustic works from 1999 onwards, including Why linger you trembling in your shell?, When the wind blows, Harriet’s song, and sagte er, dachte ich. The second half presents Hodkinson’s new electro-acoustic instrumental-theatre work Angel View, devised for SCENATET and commissioned by SCENATET, Spor Festival, MaerzMusik/Berliner Festspiele, and premiered at MaerzMusik in 2014.


sagte er, dachte ich (1999) (10 min)
When the wind blows (2009) (4 min)
Harriet’s song (2001) (10 min)
Inapparent air and aviary (2004) (6 min)
Why linger you trembling in your shell? (1999) (10 min)
Angel View (2014) (30-40 min.)

90 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics
with visuals