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Ikke et hjem

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Ikke et hjem

Commissioned by Thea Vesti Pedersen, with funds from the Danish Arts Foundation, for a project in aid of the Danish Refugee Council

Text by Alen Meskovic

First performed by Lars Møller (baritone) and Thea Vesti Pedersen (guitar) at The Round Tower, Copenhagen, 11th March 2007

First performance of revised version: Niels Jørgen Tranberg (baritone) and Thea Vesti Pedersen, with model house and live video by Signe Klejs, at AROS, Århus, 10th June 2009

Ikke et hjem is one of five works making up the ASYL! project.

The baritone singer uses the following props: a thin-sided wine-glass with some shards of glass and a couple of glass marbles; a mechanical metronome, set to MM 60; stopwatch

The guitarist uses the following props: a sharp metal object (note: lowest string must be metal); stopwatch

The two poems sung by the baritone voice - Det mærkelige hus and Gensyn - are published in Alen Meskovic’ collection ’Første gang tilbage’ (Gyldendal, 2009).

The voice reciting fragments of these poems on dictaphone, used in the playback track, is the author, Alen Meskovic.

10 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with electronics
with voice
with text
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