Is there something you can tell us

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Is there something you can tell us

'is there something you can tell us' is written for the Anima Quartet, for first performance at Theaterhaus Stuttgart on 7th June 2014, as part of the festival LOST & FOUND - STIMME. TEXT. SZENE. Commissioned by SWR/Südwestrundfunk.

The quartet's title and the titles of the individual movements are taken from Cynthia Troup's libretto to TURBULENCE.

I - degrees of freedom
II - hidden by an almost perfect balance
III - we are taught that it is out of reach
IV - for the real earth we do not know yet

Published by Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Music Sales Classical.

Review of performance of 'is there something you can tell us' interlaced with excerpts from 'Turbulence':

Juliana Hodkinson griff neben »is something you can tell us« auf den Part der Mutter aus ihrer Oper »Turbulence« zurück, in der sie sich mit ihrer neunzehnjährigen Tochter auseinandersetzt. Die Sopranistin Lore Lixenberg wechselte hier quasi szenisch mit den vier Streichern ab, beide Partner bewegen sich dabei ständig in Turbulenzen, ergänzt noch durch einen Synthesizer. (Reutlinger Generalanzeiger)

10 minutes
No. of musicians: