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The lights are going down, the money’s running out, but thank goodness all is still well in the world of contemporary music. Pass wants to join the growing body of participatory artworks that are initiating a modest redistribution at the beginning of our disappointment over the loss of future earnings.

Listeners are central to the unfolding of this work - without you it cannot really happen. Your listening is required, your looking, your holding, your passing, your cash. Together with the musicians of Poing! you are going to form a temporary collective, uphold a colourful assemblage, extract a drone - in short, you are invited to co-create a resonant and illuminated environment, within which you can enjoy your possible need for moderate and meaningful dissonance, and find for yourself an adequate balance between aesthetic materiality and spirituality.

PASS is commissioned by trio Poing! with support from the Norwegian Arts Council.

45 minutes
No. of musicians: 
with visuals