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Commissioned by the performance collective Jetpack Bellerive, together with 8 other new commissions for the project BORED TO DEATH.

PREVIOUSLY, ON is first performed by Jetpack Bellerive's Noelle Darbellay (violin) and Samuel Stoll (horn) at Kunsthalle Sankt Gallen (CH) on 6th Nov 2014.

PREVIOUSLY, ON presents concentrates of instrumental writing and dialogue in short scenes: TITLE MUSIC I; NEW HOUSING ESTATE I; SUDDEN DIALOGUE; SEVEN DAYS A WEEK; TITLE MUSIC II ; IT'S TEN TO SEVEN; NEW HOUSING ESTATE II; THEY'RE TRYING TO USE ME; TITLE MUSIC III; NEW HOUSING ESTATE III; WHAT DO I CARE; TITLE MUSIC IV. Lacking a sustained context, the concentrate fluctuates in its allusions between contemporary concert music, experimental poetry and TV series transcripts, with cut-ups bouncing into jump-cut mode, musical and textual cadences punning on one another, and punctuation by turns instrumental and verbal.

PREVIOUSLY, ON is self-published, and the score is available via the contact-mail envelope on the left of this page.

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