Resonating objects and subjects

Resonating objects and subjects

Book chapter in upcoming publication 'Resonant Worlds', ed. MortenS√łndergaard, Peter Weibel, Kehrer Verlag
Based on a keynote lecture/performance held at ZKM in 2017, opening the Resonant Worlds Sound, Art and Science conference, and including
a performance of 'Nothing breaking the losing' with Juliana Hodkinson, Scenatet/Mina Fred, and conference delegates.


The extension of artistic practice and theoretical reflection into one another takes a physical turn in this presentation, which opens the Resonating Worlds ISACS 2017 conference. From a lecture on the artistic uses of philosophies of affect, a sonic performance comes about through a collaboration between composer, musician, listeners, delegates and solid objects. A field of resonance is rolled out in which an entanglement of relations of moving and being moved can take place, be those movements ever so small. Subtle experiences may arise in the unfolding processes of embodied interaction, in which we attune ourselves to one another through dynamic couplings that run in both directions. The actions and excitations within this dynamic tangle amplify a sociality in the conference format, and also lead us away from a focus on resonance as a purely mechanical physical phenomenon.

Section headings:
A thing done is to be read / Inhabiting space; becoming a body / It depends on who is here / Affective resonance / Getting it together / Nothing breaking the losing

Book chapter in 'Resonant Worlds', ed. MortenS√łndergaard, Peter Weibel, Kehrer Verlag