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Angel View album release

CD Release

The ANGEL VIEW album is out on Vienna-based label col legno.

Scentatet's musicians perform a sonic bazaar of instrumentals, breaking glass, crashing metal and chiseling cement, against a backdrop of squealing tram-wheels, a revolving carousel, falling walls and a dining table laid for an ancestral dinner.

Thanks to musicians Hannah Törnell Wettermark, Christian Tscherning Larsen, Matias Escudero Seibæk, Fei Nie, Mikkel Egelund Nielsen, Louise Gorm, My Hellgren, and to Anna Berit Asp Christensen, Mette Hornbek, Yangyadi Deng, Kirstine Elisa Kjeldsen, Peter Weinsheimer, Col Legno, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, the Danish Arts Council and KodaKultur for making the album possible. And also to Spor festival, Scenatet and Berliner Festspiele/MaerzMusik for commissioning Angel View back in 2014, with support from the Danish Arts Council.

The album can be ordered as physical CD or downloaded from col legno 's website, or streamed on spotify or apple music

Wherever you are, listen with headphones.

January 3rd

HAUCH film online

New work

A sonic horror show created by Juliana Hodkinson, Marsha Ginsberg and Katharina Schmitt

The film is now online here

Skin without body. Body without voice. Voice without breath. Breath without skin. Hauch is a music-performance piece exploring unconscious fears of public spaces. A series of clown sightings in unregulated liminal contexts become triggers for the transformation of the familiar into the foreboding. Funny, threatening, familiar and eerie, clowns appear as transmitters and receivers of social anxieties. Their painted faces obliterate identity. Reconfigured facial expressions subvert emotions amplifying inscrutability. Their voices modulate between exaggerated states of expression and detachment. Their deadpan hysteria embodies fears of the disappearance of all that is recognisable as familiar and comforting. Hauch is created by composer Juliana Hodkinson, artist Marsha Ginsberg and director Katharina Schmitt in urban spaces between Berlin and New York.

With performers Melanie Schmidli and Dan Safer, and the voices of the Neue Vocalsolisten (Johanna Vargas, Susanne Leitz-Lorey, Truike van der Poel, Martin Nagy, Guillermo Anzorena, Andreas Fischer)

Audio mix and mastering, Peter Weinsheimer / Video editing, Matěj Šenkýřík / Assistant director, Glen Sheppard

The film is produced with support from Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Musik der Jahrhunderte, Stuttgart, and Akademie der Künste Elektroakustisches Studio, Berlin.

December 10th

HAUCH Sonic Footprint

New work

HAUCH Sonic Footprint

from HAUCH: a sonic horror show created by Marsha Ginsberg, Juliana Hodkinson and Katharina Schmitt with the voices of Neue Vocalsolisten.

HAUCH: Sonic Footprint is a public-space audio diffusion through 32 underground speakers, and can be experienced at Solbjerg Plads, Copenhagen, at 5pm and 7pm every day 6-12th December 2020.

Hosted by Frederiksberg Bibliotek and Dansk Komponistforening.

HAUCH Sonic Footprint is an adapted extract from HAUCH, a sonic horror show created by composer Juliana Hodkinson, artist Marsha Ginsberg and director Katharina Schmitt.

December 4th



Mondrian Ensemble gives the first performances of a new string trio, BEAT - with extended bow action and objects - on 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Sept. 2020 in Basel/unternehmen mitte, Zürich/Walcheturm, Uetikon am See/Atelier Klang und Raum and Winterthur./Münzkabinett.

BEAT is part of the project Playtime, which also includes works by Lisa Streich, Magdalena Meitzner, Christian Winther Christensen, Simon Steen-Andersen and Sven-David Sandström.

August 29th

Warsaw Autumn


On 18th September 2020, Warsaw Autumn festival opens with Tom Pauwels as electric guitar soloist and Monika Wolińska conducting the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Juliana Hodkinson's CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY / IN THIS CASE / NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ... (2016). The concert will be livestreamed (available only during the concert).

On 19th September, Juliana Hodkinson talks with Krzysztof Kwiatkowski at the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw at 12:00 (available later by video transmission), and at 15:00 she opens the festival's composition workshop.

Warsaw Autumn also featured Juliana Hodkinson's work in 2016, with Scenatet's production of her semi-staged modular work ANGEL VIEW (2014). And in 2017, Frauke Aulbert and Malgorzata Walentynowicz performed Juliana Hodkinson and Niels Rønsholdt's piece X & X (2017) at Warsaw Autumn, as part of the Série Rose programme.

Festival info and programme

June 23rd

Jounce ad hoc


Karolina Öhman plays JOUNCE (2016) at Gare du Nord's 'ad hoc' series in Basel, on 11th June, alongside words by
Mauela Kere, Luciano Berio and J.S. Bach.
Maximum audience: 40 people.
ad hoc concert programme and info

And Åsa Åkerberg plays JOUNCE (2016) at ensemble recherche's special Wandelkonzert in Freiburg, on 19th June, alongside works by Claude Vivier, Frederic Rzewski and Fabien Lévy.
The concert is for small, divided audience, and will be performed twice, at 7pm and 8.30pm.
Wandelkonzert programme and info

June 5th

Recorded Delivery

New work

Performer and composer Alwynne Pritchard has been busy during lockdown times with her Recorded Delivery project: dozens of short confined-performance videos, based on messages sent to her by composers from near and far.

Here you can listen to Juliana Hodkinson's Video Postcard 26 for Recorded Delivery.

And here is the Recorded Delivery project in its entirety (ongoing).

May 2nd

Radio space

Throughout March, Borealis Festival is streaming work by renowned international sound artists, radio artists and composers, including three works by Juliana Hodkinson from her collaborations with other artists:

- TURBULENCE, an electronic chamber opera to a libretto by Cynthia Troup, soprano Deborah Kayser, actor Anneli Bjoråsen

- ON/OFF, a binaural soundpiece with words and voice by Ursula Andkjær Olsen

- MAPS, a soundpiece composed with David Young, with words and voice by Cynthia Troup, violin Yasutaka Hemmi, cello Caerwen Martin, piano Katrine Gislinge, percussion Henrik Larsen

Look out for listening stations popping up during Borealis Festival in Bergen, 4-8th March, in the Festival Office in Verkstedet, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen Kunsthall and Bergen Public Library.

Listen online 24/7 throughout March

March 3rd

All my friends


Samuel Stoll plays ALL MY FRIENDS REALLY ARE SUPERHEROES (2011), for horn and electronics at Yeah, but ... / NUMU in Baden, Switzerland, on 28th February 2020.

More Swiss concerts coming up later this spring, when Mondrian Ensemble plays Juliana Hodkinson's new string trio BEAT (2020) in Zürich, Basel, Winterthur, Zofingen and Uetikon am See on 17th-26th May. Click on calendar on the left here for more info.

February 22nd

Curating potential

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art (ed. Sanne Krogh Groth & Holger Schulze) is released on 20th Feb 2020, with a chapter by Juliana Hodkinson on migration and sonic practices in Berlin, in conversation with curators Elke Moltrecht and Julia Gerlach.

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Sound Art explores what sound art is in the 21st century, discussing transcultural trends towards the post-apocalyptic, a wide sensorial spectrum of sonic imaginaries as well as processes of decolonization and deinstitutionalization around the making of sound.

With chapters by Annea Lockwood, Cathy Lane, Brandon LaBelle, Morten Riis and Søren Møller Sørensen, among many others.

Pre-order a copy from Bloomsbury Academic

January 23rd