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Sound and Vision


On 21st April 2017, Ictus Ensemble launches their latest 'Liquid Room', this time a marathon programme of works linking sound and vision. LIGHTNESS, for amplified matches, originally commissioned by Speak Percussion, is performed by Ictus alongside works by Alvin Lucier, Peter Ablinger, Alexander Schubert, Kaj Duncan David and many others, in concerts from April to June 2017 in Ghent, Brussels, Zagreb and Paris.

April 3rd



In a programme about silence in music, Juliana Hodkinson talks with Helena Juul Kanafani on Danish Radio P1 Eftermiddag, on Thursday 23rd March, 2.45pm.

March 23rd

All the time

An article by Sanne Krogh Groth in the latest edition of Contemporary Music Review - 'Composers on Stage: Ambiguous Authorship in Contemporary Music Performance' - looks at three productions in the light of composers performing in their own works: Juliana Hodkinson's ALL THE TIME, Niels Rønsholdt's 'Ord for ord' and Simon Steen-Andersen's 'Buenos Aires'.

Contemporary Music Review (Routledge), Collaboration in Contemporary Music, Vol. 36, No. 1, pages 686-705

March 13th

Lightness in Queensland


Speak Percussion plays LIGHTNESS on their Queensland Fluorophone tour, 14-15th March in Townsville, 18th March in Cleveland. Fluorophone is a programme of works integrating sound and light in performance, with Juliana Hodkinson's 'Lightness', Eugene Ughetti's 'Pyrite Gland', Simon Löffler's 'b' and 'e', and Damion Ricketson's 'Rendition Clinic'.

The production Fluorophone is nominated in two categories at Melbourne's Green Room Awards later this month: ' Design' and 'Sound Performance'.

March 7th

Stuttgart Prize

... CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ... is to be awarded the Stuttgart Composition Prize 2017.

The award ceremony and concert take place in February 2018 at the Eclat Festival in Stuttgart.

"From the contrast between the very different instrumental forces - solo electric guitar on one hand, orchestra on the other - the composer produces a high energy density and great sonic richness. Musical lines of tradition such as concerto, virtuosity and the power of sound are subjected to extremely convincing revaluation", wrote the jury.

This year is the 62nd year that the Stuttgart Composition Prize is awarded. The first prize goes to ... CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ... Second prize goes to Malthe Giesen's work "$88 or the poetry of capitalism".

February 28th

Starting up Love 2017

This week a new collaboration kicks off in Reykjavik between Juliana Hodkinson, Icelandic Love Corporation and Ensemble Adapter.

The creative development starts on 30th January and runs through 2017 and 2018 as a series of short residencies, bringing together performance, sound and objects.

Love is the theme that millions of politically active people all over the world have adopted as an adequate response to the global power struggles and humanitarian crises that continue to escalate dramatically in 2017.

More info to follow during the spring ...

January 30th

All my friends


On Monday 9th January 2017, Samuel Stoll plays ALL MY FRIENDS REALLY ARE SUPERHEROES (2011) at Gare du Nord in Basel, alongside works by Ann Cleare, Michael Baldwin, Evan Johnson, Ray Evanoff, Max Murray and Michael Roth. The concert is part of the Dialog series, a collaboration between Gare du Nord and Hochschule für Musik Basel. The concert will be recorded by Swiss radio.

ALL MY FRIENDS REALLY ARE SUPERHEROES was written for Samuel Stoll, and is for solo horn with electronics.

January 4th

Agile Chambers


TURBULENCE (2013) goes back into the studio next week, 6-10th Dec 2016, as part of Agile Chambers in Melbourne, a week of open research labs and performances with artists from Chamber Made Opera and researchers from RMIT University.

Agile Chambers investigates the relationship between live performance and digital artworks, and the week will consist of performances, research panel discussions and presentations at RMIT Design Hub.

On 7th December there will be a lunchtime showing of TURBULENCE with artist talk (Cynthia Troup, Peter Humble, David Young), and on 8th December Juliana Hodkinson gives a presentation (by video) at the Design Hub Microlab on live/digital opera formats.

November 30th

Some reasons for hesitating


On 18th November 2016, Chimera Ensemble gives the UK premiere of SOME REASONS FOR HESITATING (1999), performing a programme also including works by Unsuk Chin, Catherine Robson and Gerard Pesson.

SOME REASONS FOR HESITATING is an acoustic piece for 15 musicians, who play precisely notated timbres without conductor, score, metre or common pulse. In an essay about the work, Cynthia Troup wrote: "about 'some reasons for hesitating' it may now be possible to write that the piece is a strategy for both disguising and affirming (as yet) ineradicable, institutionalised desires for a score — desires that have long ago conflated the-score-as-idea with the-score-as-object."

Above photo by Allan Gravgaard Madsen, from Young Nordic Music Days 2016, where Aarhus Sinfonietta played SOME REASONS FOR HESITATING, 15 years after the last time they played it also at Young Nordic Music Days 2001.

November 10th



Speak Percussion is heading to Jakarta, performing LIGHTNESS on 19th October 2016 as part of the FLUOROPHONE show at Komunitas Salihara's Black Box Theatre.

LIGHTNESS, written for three percussionists, places the humble match at centre stage, exploring the pure theatre and sonic world of the match and matchbox, amplified and sometimes distorted.

The show returns to Melbourne for a season at Newport's Substation, 23rd-25th November 2016.

October 14th