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Speak Percussion is heading to Jakarta, performing LIGHTNESS on 19th October 2016 as part of the FLUOROPHONE show at Komunitas Salihara's Black Box Theatre.

The show returns to Melbourne for a season at Newport's Substation, 23rd-25th November 2016.

October 14th



On 29th Sept 2016, Aart Strootman plays
CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY / IN THIS CASE / NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra under conductor Daniel Raiskin, at Harpa, Reykjavik, at the opening evening of the Nordic Music Days.

Next day, 30th Sept 2016, Nordic Music Days also presents NOTHING BREAKING THE LOSING with Scenatet, also at Harpa.

September 19th

Angel View in Warsaw


On Fri 16th September 2016, SCENATET plays ANGEL VIEW at Warsaw Autumn Festival/Soho Factory.

Composer, director: Juliana Hodkinson
Musicians: Aurore Dye, Mina Fred, My Hellgren, Mads Bendsen, Robert Zelazko, Sven Micha Slot, Frederik Munk Larsen
Sound: Peter Barnow
Lighting: Mikkel Jensen
Costume: Henrik Vibskov

September 14th

Hybrid Turbulence


Hodkinson and Troup's chamber opera TURBULENCE launches in its hybrid version at the Festival of Performing Arts (FOPA) in Lorne, Australia, on 3rd-4th September 2016.

First born as a live living room opera work in 2013, then re-imagined in film by Peter Humble in 2015, this hybrid version brings together both live performance elements and the film.

Set high in the sky in an airline passenger cabin, Turbulence invites you to witness a musical drama playing out between a mother and daughter, their parallel sung and spoken monologues weaving, colliding and soaring.

August 31st

Upcoming in September


Coming up in September 2016:

- Opera TURBULENCE premieres in its hybrid live/film version at Lorne Festival of Performing Arts
- Scenatet tours ANGEL VIEW to Warsaw Autumn Festival, with artist talk
- Icelandic Symphony Orchestra and soloist Aart Strootman play CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE at the Nordic Music Days in Reykjavik
- New work NOTHING BREAKING THE LOSING premieres in Copenhagen and Reykjavik

See Calendar (left) for dates and more info

August 7th

Harriet's song


Friday 24th June 2016, in Melbourne: Phoebe Green (viola) & Leah Scholes (percussion) play HARRIET'S SONG (2001) alongside works by David Chisholm, Cat Hope, Liza Lim and a world premiere by Alistair Noble.

"Theatrical 'Harriet's song' ... edgy and whimsical by turns"
- Sydney Morning Herald, on Green & Scholes' performanace at BIFEM 2015

June 20th

Air on air


Listen (on the link below) to Klangforum Wien, conducted by Rei Munakata, playing INAPPARENT AIR AND AVIARY (2004) at Klang Festival 2016 in Copenhagen.

Danmarks Radio P2 was there, and broadcast the whole concert, which included a premiere by Ylva Lund Bergner and pieces from the ensemble's Viennese repertoire by Beat Furrer and Bernhard Lang.!/

June 14th

Bogazici Vol. 1 released

Bogazici University Press has released Vol. 1 of the Bogazici Chronicles, in a limited edition publication. The book includes an interview between Turkish musicologist Elif Damla Yavuz and Juliana Hodkinson, 'Who's influencing who?' alongside chronicles written by Susan Buck-Morss, Akram Zaatari, Juliana Hodkinson, Michael Hardt and Amitav Ghosh.

The Chronicles is a residency programme that invites figures from the arts and humanities to document professional and personal reflections as seen from Istanbul. During Juliana Hodkinson's residency in 2014, she gave a solo concert, 'Expanding Sound', and Scenatet performed a portrait concert, 'A Theatre of Sounds', including performances of ANGEL VIEW, HARRIET'S SONG, WHY LINGER YOU TREMBLING IN YOUR SHELL?, INAPPARENT AIR AND AVIARY, SAGTE ER, DACHTE ICH, WHEN THE WIND BLOWS and RING A RING.

June 2nd

Air and aviary


On 13th June 2016, Rei Munakata conducts Klangforum Wien, playing INAPPARENT AIR AND AVIARY (2004) at Klang Festival, Copenhagen, alongside works by Beat Furrer, Ylva Berger Lund and Bernhard Lang.

INAPPARENT AIR AND AVIARY is scored for piccolo flute, E-flat clarinet, trombone, piano (with radio, bird-whistle and metronome), violin and cello.

May 30th

More modification


On 24th April 2016, WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln plays ... CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ..., with soloist Aart Strootman (electric guitar), conducted by Emilio Pomàrico, alongside works by York Höller, Gérard Pesson and Aureliano Cattaneo. The performance is the closing concert of the Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2016.

... CAN MODIFY COMPLETELY/ IN THIS CASE/ NOT THAT IT WILL MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE ... was premiered at the Black Diamond in Copenhagen last November by Aart Strootman, with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra under Henrik Vagn Christensen. For the Witten festival, WDR has commissioned a new extension to the work.

More info:

February 19th