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Skin without body. Body without voice. Voice without breath. Breath without skin. HAUCH is a walk with clowns who appear as projection surfaces for social anxiety and fear.

Composer Juliana Hodkinson, artist Marsha Ginsberg and director Katharina Schmitt follow the clown archetype from an amusing to a frightful figure via an exploration of contemporary post-dystopian and imaginary spaces. Questioning the voice as a fleeing anchor point of identity, HAUCH tickles contemporary social phobias, deserted urban environments and masked identities, confronting the voices of Neue Vocalsolisten with the bodies of dynamic performers through the urban forest of the Tiergarten to the rooftop of HKW/Haus der Kulturen der Welt. HAUCH premieres in the framework of the festival The Disappearance of Music in November 2020

Image: Collage by Marsha Ginsberg

45 minutes