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libretto by Cynthia Troup

scored for soprano and actress, with vintage microphones and objects, electronic pocket piano, amplified vintage electric fans, samples and live mix

commissioned by Chamber Made Opera, Melbourne, and first performed by Deborah Kayser and Anneli Bjorasen, directed by David Young, 3rd October 2013

An immersive chamber opera set on an early commercial passenger flight, boarded by a mother (soprano) and her 19-year-old daughter (actress). A sustained dream-/sky-scape very precisely composed of vocal, electronic, melodic and other often ambiguous fragments, referencing the history of imprecise radio technology and in-flight broadcasts under turbulent stress.


"The piece starts with discombobulating minimalism. ... Juliana Hodkinson's composition is unusual, full of tremulous glissando and non-standard vocal technique against a synthesised score and a libretto (Cynthia Troup) using the metaphor of aeroplane flight to explore the subliminal eddies that underlie the mother/daughter relationship. ... Turbulence distils private poetry and sonic fascination from that insight."

- Sydney Morning Herald

In 2015, the Danish Ministry of Equality in collaboration with the Danish Arts Agency and Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts commissioned a film version of TURBULENCE for online presentation. Artist Peter Humble created the visuals.